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Coffee Blends

Coffee Blends

Coffee Blends

A Blend is basically two or more different Origin beans blended together in varying quantities to produce a desired end result. Different degrees of roast can be blended together as well.

*Denotes a darker roast coffee

*AM Blend
A dark roasted blend of some of east Africa’s finest coffees. If you like your coffee dark and oily with a bold definitive
taste, then this one’s for you.

Four Seasons Blend
A medium roast blend of Central and South American “milds.” The coffees in this blend are selected because of the balance of clean, bright acidity, medium to full body, excellent taste and pleasant aroma. This blend is excellent anytime of day for any occasion.

*French Roast
A classic South American coffee, meticulously roasted to the point of a little oil on the surface of the beans.It has a rich, caramelized taste and pleasant aftertaste, but never overdone.

Full City
A combination of Central and South American coffees that are roasted darker to a “full city roast.” The flavor is more intense than our medium roast, but because of the quality of the coffees used, the taste is very clean and pleasant without the harshness of many dark roasted coffees. This is one of our more popular coffees that is low in acidity. The taste will linger on the palate.

Gateway Blend
A blend of both medium and full city roasted coffee. The taste is heavier than our house blend, but not as much as the Full City blend. For those who want slightly more flavor than our House blend. The coffee has medium body, with a full flavor and taste.

House Blend
An excellent well-balanced blend of Central and South American coffees with a smooth, clean taste, medium body, and a fine finish. A great coffee to use as an everyday or breakfast blend.

*Italian Roast
Classic South American coffee, meticulously roasted to our darkest roast. Rich, caramelized taste and pleasant aftertaste, with no burn.

Joe’s Special Blend
A blend of Central American, South American, and East African coffees. This medium roasted coffee is our most popular blend. With more body and taste than our House blend, the taste is slightly spicy, excellent aroma, and a very pleasant lingering aftertaste.

Kona Blend
A true blend of genuine Kona coffee and Central American coffees. The taste is rich and pleasing with just the right balance of acidity, body, and flavor, producing a clean and bright cup of coffee.

Mokka Java Blend
Most likely, this is the original blend of coffee in the world dating back to when the Dutch East Indian Company first introduced coffee to Europe. This is a blend of East African coffees characterized as having an intense flavor and fruitiness by blending it with a heavy bodied earthy coffee from the island country of Java in Indonesia.

Mountain Blend
One of the finest high grown East African coffees which adds a bold, fruity type acidity when blended with a full bodied Indonesian coffee. This coffee has a bold, yet pleasing taste that is unique. A blend of the best of each coffees Mountain Blend is a medium roast, but since it is so well balanced, it is also available in dark or “full city” roast. In the full city roast, this coffee is even more striking.

New Orleans w/ Chicory
This is a heavy, intense, full flavored coffee that is certainly an early morning wake up coffee. A dark, French roasted coffee, combined with roasted and ground chicory. The taste is sharp with a long-lasting finish for those who desire a little something extra in their coffee.

St. Louis Blend
A blend of Central and South American coffees with a small amount of a dark roast coffee added, but not so much as to give it a dark roasted taste. This is an excellent after dinner coffee which is well balanced for taste and flavor. This coffee is slightly stronger than our House Blend.

*Swedish Blend
This is fuller than our St. Louis Blend. Because of the different coffees used and the addition of French roast body, but not so heavy as to have a smoky taste. Still smooth enough for most palates, but stronger than our medium roast coffee.

*Viennese Roast
A slightly darker roast with a rich, full bodied chocolate-like taste. Very pleasing without being too dark.

*Volcan Blend
Our darkest roast, this unique favorite is a blend of five different coffees, but without the normal bite associated with many dark coffees.

Decaf Blends
Full City Blend Decaf
Gateway Blend Decaf
House Blend Decaf
Joe’s Special Blend Decaf
Mountain Blend Decaf
St. Louis Blend Decaf

Dark Roasted Blends
A collection of blends that are roasted darker than our normal dark roast coffee. Depending on the blend, the degree of roast varies from a light French roast to a dark oily Italian roast. The strength varies with the brewing formula, but the taste characteristics are of a strong coffee, with taste ranging from heavy caramelized to smoky. The blends are AM, Café, and Volcan. Because of our roasters and technique, we are able to roast these coffees darker to fully develop the coffee without having the smoky, bitter taste often found in other coffees. The lower roasting temperatures do not give that “burnt” taste.

Custom Blends
We can develop custom and proprietary blends for our customers. We can suggest specific coffees with defined characteristics that will allow you to have your own blend of coffee. With our experience and knowledge, a private blend can set you apart.